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Great Dane: Denmark’s Fairytale Island

January 9, 2017


It’s no surprise that the world’s most famous fairytale writer – Hans Christian Andersen – was born in Fyn. This is Denmark’s “garden island” – green hills populated with placidly munching cows, turret-topped castles, and half-timber farmhouses with chimneys emitting curls of smoke. In Fyn, you can do more than read Hans Christian Andersen’s famous […]

Best River Trips in the World: French Country Waterways

March 6, 2014


Best River Trips in the World: French Country Waterways by AnneLise Sorensen “In the highly unlikely scenario that the barge begins to sink, please grab the life vests from under your bed and put them on,” says the captain. We look around at each other. Sink? “And then,” continues the captain, “come to the lounge […]

Go Girl: Women’s Travel Fest

March 5, 2014


Go Girl: Women’s Travel Fest by AnneLise Sorensen The statistics on women and travel are consistently on the rise: Women make over 75 percent of travel decisions, no matter who they travel with or where they go. And solo women travelers? That number also goes up yearly – and was a major travel trend long […]

El Bulli del Barrio: Adrià Brothers at “Tickets”

November 7, 2013


El Bulli del Barrio (originally published in Gourmet Live) by AnneLise Sorensen A circus master, in top hat and coat, greets me at the entrance. He parts the velvet rope with a solemn nod. Inside, a film reel unspools on its side, a cotton candy machine sits on the counter, and a dancer Rockette-kicks on […]

Feliz Año Nuevo in NYC

December 19, 2012


Feliz Año Nuevo in NYC by AnneLise Sorensen Skip the sticky-floor pubs on Third Avenue where everyone’s wearing glitter 2013 glasses. Forget paying $500 to stand on a rooftop and sip overpriced champagne. And, good God, steer clear of the drunken hordes in Times Square. Instead, celebrate New Year’s Eve like they do in Spain […]

Cig Harvey: Candid Camera

December 1, 2012


Cig Harvey: Candid Camera by AnneLise Sorensen The place: Robin Rice Gallery The space: Utilitarian yet elegant – with a light bohemian touch – the Robin Rice Gallery looks like the old West Village, when artists could actually afford the rent in this neighborhood. Pane-glass windows give way to a simple, hardwood-floor space hung with […]

The Ungovernables in NYC

March 10, 2012


The Ungovernables in NYC by AnneLise Sorensen The Bowery used to be one of the more rebellious addresses in NYC. At the New Museum, it still is. In the 1970s, the Bowery was home to the punk club CBGB, plus more than a few brothels. These days, it’s Whole Foods, with its arugula salad bar […]

Out of this World: David Byrne

October 15, 2011


Out of this World by AnneLise Sorensen Visitors to the High Line are on top of the world this week. David Byrne of the Talking Heads recently unveiled a new sculpture: a giant, inflatable globe squeezed under the elevated tracks of the High Line park. The name of the piece? “Tight Space.” Our first thoughts? […]

Yo: Yotel Opens in NYC

June 29, 2011


Yo: Yotel Opens in NYC by AnneLise Sorensen It’s an airplane, it’s a cruise ship, it’s a hotel! The new Yotel landed last week in New York City near Times Square. Yotel was inspired by the capsule hotels of Japan – and by airplanes. The rooms are called cabins; the front desk is Mission Control; […]

Adios El Bulli

May 17, 2011


Adios El Bulli by AnneLise Sorensen Why would the most famous chef in the world close his restaurant at the height of its popularity? The answer to that explains who chef Ferran Adrià is. Adrià’s restaurant El Bulli, in the Catalan town of Roses in the Costa Brava, is shutting down in July. I visited […]