November 7, 2013
January 25, 2017
Egeskov Castle (Photo: AnneLise Sorensen) January 9, 2017
June 6, 2016

Something’s Radiant in the State of Denmark

May 1, 2016


Something’s Radiant in the State of Denmark by AnneLise Sorensen The fishing town of Skagen roosts under luminous skies in northern Jutland, a windswept wedge that has, for centuries, been bullied by nature. The Baltic confronts you at every turn: At Grenen, Denmark’s northernmost point, you can walk along a pale finger of sand to […]

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State of the Art: Hong Kong Art Basel

April 8, 2014


State of the Art: Hong Kong Art Basel by AnneLise Sorensen Check out Galavante to read my original post on Art Basel Hong Kong and the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. If you see a building pulsating over the Hong Kong harbor, it’s not because you had too many Red Bull-vodkas last night. It’s because Art […]

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Best River Trips in the World: French Country Waterways

March 6, 2014


Best River Trips in the World: French Country Waterways by AnneLise Sorensen “In the highly unlikely scenario that the barge begins to sink, please grab the life vests from under your bed and put them on,” says the captain. We look around at each other. Sink? “And then,” continues the captain, “come to the lounge […]

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Go Girl: Women’s Travel Fest

March 5, 2014


Go Girl: Women’s Travel Fest by AnneLise Sorensen The statistics on women and travel are consistently on the rise: Women make over 75 percent of travel decisions, no matter who they travel with or where they go. And solo women travelers? That number also goes up yearly – and was a major travel trend long […]