Indulge in the Jungle

Posted on October 27, 2010


by AnneLise Sorensen

It’s all in the mud. Plumbed from the earth, this is the kind of rich goop that you’ll happily smear on your body parts, then submit to its rejuvenating tingle while reclining in a cabana, eyes closed against the warm sun, and hold on – is that a howler monkey? Belize’s Maruba Resort and Jungle Spa is surrounded by the tropical jungle of Belize, where it offers pampering with a primal edge. And, let’s face it – there’s something especially hedonistic about a pedicure in the jungle.

Thanks for asking, but no, that’s not me. (Photo courtesy of Maruba.)

Retreat into a palm-shaded hut for a “mood mud” body scrub, then zone out to the low thrum of drumbeats, as iguanas rustle in the undergrowth. The Maya site of Altun Ha lies near Maruba, so you can trek up giant stone temples in the early morning, then ease into the night sipping a rum punch from a hairy coconut with the top lopped off.

For all its tribal swagger, Maruba is quite decadent: Mahogany ceilings, feather beds, wafting incense, and hibiscus-strewn bathrooms. But, it’s done with a wink, with quirky details like a carved penis as a toilet paper holder; palm fronds as placemats; and walls studded with recycled glass bottles of Belikin beer and Fanta.

Birds-eye view of Maruba Jungle Resort in Belize

In the ecological spirit of Belize, little goes to waste at this largely self-sustaining resort, where the natural surroundings are incorporated at every turn. So, not only do you emerge with your pores clean and glowing, but your conscience too.

Travel Transforms (or, Aha!) moment: See mud-streaked bodies above.

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