The morning commute in Belize? A couple of minutes in flip-flops from bed to beach.

Posted on November 16, 2010


by AnneLise Sorensen

“Go slow” is the motto on Caye Caulker, which is pretty much the only speed your golf cart will travel. Here, a couple of iguanas crossing the sandy lane is a traffic jam. Chilling out is the way of life, reggae the music, and five lazy paces the distance from your beach shack to the shore. Decisions are similarly weighty: Snorkel or scuba? Henna tattoo or hairbraiding?

A liberating simplicity shapes your days: A dip in the Caribbean Sea, followed by munching on lobster kebabs from a beach grill, licking the tart juices from your fingers. Then, a siesta under a rustling palm, the sun splintering through to warm the top of your head. As night falls, saunter to the pier, where your only companions are the bright moon, the rhythmic whoosh of the waves, and a chilled Belikin beer (or three).

Travel Transforms (or, Aha!) moment: See morning commute, above.

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