The (Bumpy) Road to Qatar!

Posted on March 16, 2011


The Road to Qatar! (Photo credit: Carol Rosegg)

The (Bumpy) Road to Qatar!
by AnneLise Sorensen

When an exclamation point is part of the title of a comedy musical, several things come to mind. It’s either trying too hard, a gleeful mockery, or just zany fun. The Road to Qatar! is a bit of all three. It tells the true story of, in their words, “two short Jews” who are commissioned to write Aspire, the first American musical to premiere in the Middle East. Along the way, you’ll see it all: Wacky puns – Babes in Oil-Land; Don’t Ask, Don’t Tel-Aviv; inevitable Jewish jokes (overbearing mother; the neurotic guy who uses hand sanitizer); terrorist gags; and a stage set that features sequined Lawrence of Arabia costumes, inflatable palm trees, tropical drinks in hairy coconuts, and a grand finale – arms outstretched, heaving chests, Rockette kicks and all – sung to the rousing tune of: “You gotta be big, you gotta be brave, you gotta aspire!”

The Road to Qatar!:

Travel Transforms: Did you see those puns? The show may have faltered, but the puns were eye-rolling fun.