Cat Woman

Posted on September 8, 2012


Cat Woman
by AnneLise Sorensen

Much like her name, which means “cat” in Romany, Kali Mutsa has several lives.

By day, she’s Celine Reymond, a successful Chilean soap opera actress. By night, she performs as her alter ego, Kali Mutsa, who, as her bio explains, “was born sometime in August 1920, in the Valley of Pachacutí in the region of Tarapacá under the name Pharaoh Koralle Esperanza del Carmen Pantic. Her parents were…from the Cherine caste, the most influential Gypsy tribe in the performing arts….Today, with over 90 years of age, Kali reappears after a mysterious and incomprehensible abscondment of several decades…”

Translation? Kali Mutsa is delightfully weird.

And so are her shows, a sensual and rollicking blend of Gypsy, pop, indigenous Andean, electronica and Bollywood. See for yourself: Mutsa is performing throughout the U.S. Check her website – – for tour details.

Apparently, Reymond’s telenovela fans are wary of this strange creature inside of her. Kali Mutsa’s response? Meow.