Feliz Año Nuevo in NYC

December 19, 2012


Feliz Año Nuevo in NYC by AnneLise Sorensen Skip the sticky-floor pubs on Third Avenue where everyone’s wearing glitter 2013 glasses. Forget paying $500 to stand on a rooftop and sip overpriced champagne. And, good God, steer clear of the drunken hordes in Times Square. Instead, celebrate New Year’s Eve like they do in Spain […]

Cig Harvey: Candid Camera

December 1, 2012


Cig Harvey: Candid Camera by AnneLise Sorensen The place: Robin Rice Gallery The space: Utilitarian yet elegant – with a light bohemian touch – the Robin Rice Gallery looks like the old West Village, when artists could actually afford the rent in this neighborhood. Pane-glass windows give way to a simple, hardwood-floor space hung with […]

The “Hipster Apocalypse” is Here

October 9, 2012


The “Hipster Apocalypse” is Here by AnneLise Sorensen “Hipsters Illegally Killed Upstate Deer While Making Hipster Apocalypse Movie.” Those were the kind of headlines that preceded the premiere of the film “First Winter,” which opened this year. But, as they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity – and the deer-hunting only whetted the […]

Catalan Espardenyes: A Sole with Soul

October 7, 2012


Catalan Espardenyes: A Sole with Soul by AnneLise Sorensen SPAIN These days, it’s sangria, not sex, that draws customers to Barcelona’s Carrer Avinyó. In the early 1900s, the prostitutes of Avinyó – dark eyes flashing invitation from behind velvet curtains – supposedly inspired Picasso to paint his cubist work, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. The brothels have […]

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Spain’s Paradors: Positively Medieval

October 2, 2012


Spain’s Paradors: Positively Medieval by AnneLise Sorensen SPAIN Getting lost in Galicia’s Parador de Compostela is entirely possible – but you won’t mind if you do. This is medieval Spain in all its gold-flecked grandeur – a saunter from the Last Supper-style dining hall takes you padding down carpeted hallways lined with tapestries and stern-faced […]

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Cat Woman

September 8, 2012


Cat Woman by AnneLise Sorensen Much like her name, which means “cat” in Romany, Kali Mutsa has several lives. By day, she’s Celine Reymond, a successful Chilean soap opera actress. By night, she performs as her alter ego, Kali Mutsa, who, as her bio explains, “was born sometime in August 1920, in the Valley of […]

Nick Flynn: Another Bulsh*t Night in Suck City

September 8, 2012


Nick Flynn: Another Bulsh*t Night in Suck City by AnneLise Sorensen Writers find inspiration in many places – sunsets, an emotional breakup, a bottle of whiskey. Or, in the case of writer and poet Nick Flynn, in “Harold and Maude.” The series “Under the Influence: Writers on Film” invites top literary figures to the screening […]