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2,753 Chairs

September 18, 2011


2,753 Chairs by AnneLise Sorensen Bryant Park experienced a first this weekend. Utter silence. It was a week of 9/11 tributes across New York City for the 10th anniversary, but perhaps none was as quietly powerful as 2,753 empty chairs in Bryant Park. The park’s main lawn, usually filled people and laughter and movement, was […]

Yo: Yotel Opens in NYC

June 29, 2011


Yo: Yotel Opens in NYC by AnneLise Sorensen It’s an airplane, it’s a cruise ship, it’s a hotel! The new Yotel landed last week in New York City near Times Square. Yotel was inspired by the capsule hotels of Japan – and by airplanes. The rooms are called cabins; the front desk is Mission Control; […]

Bivalves & Bourbon: The Dutch in SoHo

May 24, 2011


Bivalves & Bourbon: The Dutch in SoHo by AnneLise Sorensen “Don’t forget to eat your bivalves” is the cheeky reminder on the menu at The Dutch in SoHo, which opened in May. Oysters highlight the menu, along with bold, made-in-the-USA dishes, at this wood-paneled, bourbon-soaked tavern. Chef and co-owner Andrew Carmellini knows a thing or […]

Nude York

May 16, 2011


Nude York by AnneLise Sorensen It’s often said that New Yorkers are a jaded bunch – that nothing fazes them, because they’ve seen it all. Artist Erica Simone may change that. This Parisian in New York is photographing herself in the nude throughout the city, from riding a chopper to munching a Gray’s Papaya hotdog. […]

Burlesque is Back

April 14, 2011


Burlesque is Back by AnneLise Sorensen Peer into the world of Burlesque at the new exhibit “The Nudie Artist: Burlesque Revived” at the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The show traces the sassy burlesque timeline – from its 1930s golden age to today – via sequined costumes, rare historical footage […]

Toe-Tap Your Way to Uganda

April 1, 2011


Toe-Tap Your Way to Uganda by AnneLise Sorensen Mormonism… funny? Sweet Jesus, yes. If you think South Park is hilarious, you’ll laugh and laugh (and be totally offended at least a half-dozen times) at The Book of Mormon, the wicked new musical from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, co-creators of South Park, and Tony Award-winner […]

The (Bumpy) Road to Qatar!

March 16, 2011


The (Bumpy) Road to Qatar! by AnneLise Sorensen When an exclamation point is part of the title of a comedy musical, several things come to mind. It’s either trying too hard, a gleeful mockery, or just zany fun. The Road to Qatar! is a bit of all three. It tells the true story of, in […]

Travel to 1960s New York

March 12, 2011


Travel to 1960s New York by AnneLise Sorensen What do Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper, and Edie Sedgwick have in common? Well, probably more than we’ll ever know – but that aside, they’re all currently featured at the NY MoMA. These 1960s icons are sitting nearly motionless, looking into a camera, in a series of short […]

Urban Jungle

March 8, 2011


Spotted in the wilds of SoHo. Yet another way you can travel without leaving home. (And, obvious candidates for what not to wear.)

Pawn Shop Lounge? Only in NY

February 25, 2011


Pawn Shop Lounge by AnneLise Sorensen In a city where space is at a premium, the new Beauty & Essex stands apart. Ten thousand square feet apart, in fact. From the owners of the ridiculously popular Stanton Social comes this glittering restaurant, built in a former furniture store. From a distance, it still looks like […]